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The MatchMakers, established in 2001, is a website in which royalty-free sound effect compositions by owner and operator OSA are shared for public use.


Kakurenbo2007-05-20StaffThe MatchMakersSound effects
Incest Lover ~Mama to Haha no Himitsu~2008-08-29ComposerThe MatchMakers
Osouji Fellatio Collection S'il Vous Plait!2009-09-20ComposerThe MatchMakersRoyalty Free Song
Ore to Kyuuketsuki2009-10-09ComposerThe MatchMakersSE
Senpai Daisuki!!2010-04-29ComposerThe MatchMakersSE
Yuyukana -Under the Starlight-2011-09-22ComposerThe MatchMakersSound effect
1-A no 22011-12-20ComposerThe MatchMakers
Pregnant Angel2013-01-05ComposerThe MatchMakersSE
Akahatori2013-07-07ComposerThe MatchMakersSE
Rough Ecchi x Maji Ecchi2016-11-17ComposerThe MatchMakersRoyalty Free Song
Ayafuya Hypnotica2017-09-09ComposerThe MatchMakersRoyalty-free SE
Kurui Time -all in all is all we are-2017-12-29ComposerThe MatchMakersSE
Mori no Amazoness2018-10-02ComposerThe MatchMakersRoyalty Free Song
Kono Futarikiri no Koya de Mitsugetsu o!2018-10-18ComposerThe MatchMakersRoyalty-free BGM
Otokonoko no Tame no Shokushu Zukan Vol.12018-11-10ComposerThe MatchMakersSE
Sono Natsu wa Nidome no Seishun o2018-12-07ComposerThe MatchMakers